Sunah Nash is a 17-year-old artist from Newark New Jersey.

She gravitated towards art at an early age and has always been in love with making things. As a child, she expressed herself through water paints, sculpting small clay figurines, drawing, and jewelry making. In her teenage years she graduated to oils and acrylics. Sunah used art to sort through feelings about things she observed about the world and in her community, as well as things happening in her personal life. She found that art was therapeutic and capable of transforming her feelings and ideas into tangible images. 

 At twelve and thirteen Sunah painted several pieces a week. Mostly of expressionistic faces and forms. This steady influx of work continued for years. As she grew, she became very interested in depicting Black experiences in her works. Within months Sunah started selling paintings, showing in small galleries and shows. Soon afterward she was showing at bigger venues, including Newark Arts week shows and the Montclair Art Museum.